Rev. Elizabeth Brown was ordained at Camp Chesterfield , Indiana which is a spiritualist camp that is over 125 years old. She has pursued her Mediumship studies there and has spoken at many Spiritualist Churches in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Rev. Elizabeth was named the 2009 Spiritualist of the year by the Michigan State Spiritualist Association of Churches in May of 2009.  

Elizabeth loves working with flowers along with her clairvoyance and uses them both in her readings. Flower Readings (or Flower Messages) are when a flower is used in correlation with the participant. Elizabeth then uses the essence and symbolism of the flower in the message/reading that is from spirit guides or loved ones now in spirit form. The flower can be looked at as a concrete gift to you from the spirit realm 

Elizabeth also does Spirit Art, Dream Analysis, Numerology, Workshops, Speaking engagements at Baker College, and Spiritual Counseling and Reiki. She is a graduate of the Awaken your Light Body courses by Orin & Daben. 

Elizabeth continues to work on her mental and physical mediumistic abilities, through public demonstrations of Trance, Galas and platform work

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